Located at The Himalayan Institute’s Retreat Center, you can experience the calm serenity of our natural surroundings with daily hiking, nature walks, and quiet reflection on our 400 acre campus. Explore below or call us at (570) 647-1500 to find your perfect retreat and explore package deals.

Reconnect to Your Inherent Healing Capacity

Panchakarma: A Traditional Ayurvedic Cleansing Retreat

Whether you seek a seasonal re-balancing or an in-depth therapeutic regimen for more serious concerns, through the “five actions” of Panchakarma, deeply rooted stress and illness-causing toxins will be removed from the body and the energetic system will be restored.

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Pure Rejuvenation: A Relaxing and Cleansing Retreat

Push the reset button on your health. Spend 4 days cleansing and revitalizing your body and mind at our signature retreat blending ancient and modern cleansing techniques.

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Pause and Renew: A Relaxing Weekend Retreat

Melt away stress and tension at this relaxing weekend getaway. This 2–3 day retreat guides you through a variety of massage and therapeutic services, bringing renewed wellness and balance to your body and mind.

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Finding Center Ayurveda

Finding Center: An Ayurvedic Retreat to Nourish and Balance

This 3 day ayurvedic wellness retreat is restoring and relaxing, as well as informative and educational. Experience the profound nourishment of ayurvedic spa treatments and bodywork, learn about the exciting and practical science of ayurveda, and calm and rejuvenate your senses.

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Awakening Agni - Ayurveda Program

Awakening Agni: Igniting Your Internal Fire to Build Energy, Clarity, and Power

Awaken your passion for life with newfound enthusiasm at this invigorating weekend retreat. According to ayurveda, the fire inside us—agni—is the source of our health, vibrancy, creativity, and intelligence. This weekend wellness retreat will lead you into the center of this inherent power within, teaching you practices to stoke and contain the fire that nourishes life.

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Restoring Ojas: An Ayurvedic Weekend Retreat

According to ayurveda, ojas is the vital sap that gives us vitality, resilience, and strong immunity. Spend a weekend relaxing and restoring your inner vitality using the practical wisdom and ancient secrets of ayurveda.

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