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Master Your Yoga Practice with the Power of Tantra:
The Advanced Techniques of Kundalini and Chakras

Master Your Yoga Practice with the Power of Tantra

Learn the secret of a living tradition — the art of deepening your practice with the combined forces of tantra and kundalini, and infusing your body and mind with renewed vigor and vitality.

The program is grounded in tantric ideology: the human body is a universe in miniature. In this body, we find what we seek provided we have access to kundalini shakti, the vast power lying dormant within us.

Yoga Retreat Weekend with Luke Ketterhagen

Yoga Retreat Weekend with Luke Ketterhagen

Enjoy three days of serenity and equanimity on 400 acres in the Poconos—yoga classes, relaxation techniques and daily meditation in the company of fellow practitioners and seekers of peace and joy, meaning and purpose.

Food, practice, fellowship, and nature create the perfect environment for you to rejuvenate your system and prepare for the warm months ahead.

Specialized Practices of Yoga for a Vibrant Body & Youthful Mind
In-Depth Workshop & 5-Day Retreat

July 2016 Seminar PRT Image

In this workshop, Pandit Tigunait will lead you through a series from the system of yoga he has been practicing for the last 40 years. Reconnection, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and agility are the natural outcomes of this particular series of yoga practices.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful and spiritually vibrant energy of the Himalayan Institute, and maximize the retreat setting to practice, refine, and experience what you learned during the weekend.

Teacher Certification

HI 200 Certification Block for Web

Himalayan Institute’s teacher certification program was established more than 30 years ago and has been training skilled yoga teachers ever since. Our faculty offers a combined experience of over 150 years of yoga practice. Authentic teachings and experiential learning from an unbroken lineage provide an incomparable training experience.

See all of our certification programs and infuse your practice and teaching with the power of a living tradition.

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Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds turn to our programs to deepen their knowledge of hatha yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy, and ayurveda.

See our program calendar for our upcoming events and retreats.

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The Secret of the Yoga Sutra eBook

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by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
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