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Manipura Chakra – The Secret of Tantric Alchemy, & Yoga Sadhana in the Light of Agni Vidya, the Science of Inner Fire
In-Depth Study & 5-Day Retreat

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This program has a single focus: sankalpa siddhi, awakening the power of will and determination and manifesting our intention.

It centers around an in-depth study of the scriptures Tripura Rahasya and Yoga Vasishtha, as well as select sutras from the Yoga Sutra and the Shiva Sutra, and is designed to make the esoteric evident.

The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation

Meditation, the essence of yoga, leads to deep and restful states of being.

This weekend seminar is meant to explore the variety of dimensions of meditation—from body, to breathing, to mind. At the level of the physical self, it will help you find a quiet stillness. At the level of the breath, it will lead to an uncoupling from the tensions and negativity of daily life. At the level of mind, it will help you learn to rest in a quiet center of being.

The Radiant Body: A Tantric Approach to Yoga

The Radiant Body: A Tantric Approach to Yoga

Tantric yoga seeks to free us from the internalized energetic patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that enslave us.

Inside the tantric framework, the journey to autonomy and joy begins with two pivotal access points in the body—the navel center and the brain center. Integrating the energies of the navel center and the conscious mind awakens the inner dimensions of life, develops discrimination, and focuses our life-energy in deeply satisfying directions.

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Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds turn to our programs to deepen their knowledge of hatha yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy, and ayurveda.

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