SEVA Work-Study Program

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About SEVA

Since 1971, the Himalayan Institute has relied on the spirit of selfless service (seva) to enhance its day-to-day operations and to nurture and support the growth of its mission to help and serve others.

Seva is a Sanskrit word that means “selfless service.” It refers to actions performed with a sense of gratitude, compassion, respect for others, and a heartfelt desire to benefit humanity. The spirit of selfless service promotes a gradual realization of our full inner potential, and, as we gain more self-confidence in our ability, we can build a better world.

The Himalayan Institute’s SEVA program is a rare opportunity to live and serve in a vibrant spiritual community with like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds, while studying with expert teachers, deepening your spiritual journey, and being a part of something greater than yourself.

The SEVA program is looking for dedicated and motivated volunteers who are excited and passionate about the idea of selfless service. Participants can make a one-to nine-month commitment. The first month is a trial period: it will give you a chance to see if community living suits your needs, while giving us the opportunity to get to know you. If, after the first month, you would like to stay longer, you can either extend your stay in the SEVA Program for up to nine months, or apply to transfer to our year-long Residential Program.

Meet the Community

Meet Emma, Lisa, Laura, and David, a few members of our vibrant residential community. Our residential community is one of the most unique features of the Himalayan Institute. Surrounded by a group of well grounded, spiritually inclined seekers, it is almost impossible not to find the environment ideal for self study and self transformation. With such a high concentration of kind hearted, selfless individuals, the whole campus vibrates with an energy that is so incredibly peaceful and alive.

Want to meet the rest of the community? Check out the Community Spotlight.

Benefits & Responsibilities

In the SEVA program, participants serve in some capacity in the community four hours a day five days a week.

Possible duties for SEVA Program participants include:

  • Food services: meal serving, dishwashing, veggie prepping
  • Housekeeping: cleaning guest rooms, laundry, and other similar duties
  • Operations: support of day-to-day operations
  • Maintenance: general maintenance of facilities and grounds

Benefits of the SEVA Program:

  • Live and serve in a community of like-minded people dedicated to serving others.
  • Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Pocono Mountains.
  • Have a private room with shared bathroom down the hall.
  • Eat three freshly cooked vegetarian meals daily.
  • Attend weekend seminars and yoga classes open to SEVA participants.*

*as your work schedules allows

Hear From a Few Participants

The Himalayan Institute is the automobile garage for the human being. Complete “tune-up” from top to bottom, inside and out!!! I feel like a shiny new car (ha ha ha). A truly magical place.

Paul Elice, Auburn, New York

The SEVA program at the Himalayan Institute was a wonderful opportunity to get some distance from my life, which helped me to move forward.

Richa Eland, Athens, Ohio
Living at the Himalayan Institute allows for deep personal exploration. Being fully immersed in a community of mindful people centered around health and personal growth is an experience I hope everyone has a chance to take part in.
Emma, Cedarburg, WI
I have learned more about myself than I could have ever thought imaginable. The Himalayan Institute truly cultivates an environment that provides an immeasurable amount of love, support, and healing that I have felt every single moment I have been here.
Erin, Waconia, MN
The program was one of the most spiritually bonding experiences I’ve ever been through. Our conversations during veggie prep were so enlightening. We would discuss religion, yoga, meditation, and just overall life. Me being new to all these concepts had me wanting more. The more I learned, the stronger I became.
Josh, Dallas, TX
I enjoyed my SEVA time tremendously! There were many opportunities to further my practice and expand spiritually. Getting to converse with individuals who share a common mindset of growth and positivity was so valuable to me. A unique experience in a special place!
Deepali, Atlanta, GA
I deepened my yoga practice and created a more balanced life for myself. I left with a much deeper sense of humanity.
Daniela, Santo Domingo, DR
Spiritually uplifting. Soul healing. I really enjoyed being with nature in this part of NE Pennsylvania, especially Tanners Falls, after the Blue Trail’s end.
Larry, Wapwallopen, PA
The Himalayan Institute has an authentic yoga experience that has transformed me emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.
Patricia, West Palm Beach, FL
The SEVA program is a very enriching experience in many aspects: an opportunity to retreat from the distractions in the world and focus on the inner aspects of life; an opportunity to learn from master teachers who embody the teachings; an opportunity to re-charge with the energy of the Himalayan Institute in the company of kindred souls.
Maria Luisa, Santo Domingo, DR
This sacred and special place has all the amenities, support, wisdom, and history needed to make everyone’s time here a truly restorative and transformative experience.
Valerie, Wyomissing, PA
Staff and all the residents were extremely kind and caring. Community meals and events were fun, and we were welcome to participate in many activities.
Maura Doran, Brooklyn, New York

Program Registration

Registration is by application only. One to six month stay. Space is limited.

Off Season Rate (Nov 1 to April 30): $799 a month

On Season Rate (May 1 to October 31): $899 a month

Apply below, or, for more information, please email or call (570) 253-5551, press 1, and ask for the SEVA Program Coordinator.

Apply Now