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Kate Kuss

Kate Kuss has been teaching yoga and meditation for a decade. She started practicing yoga during the start of her media and advertising career in New York City. While working for top companies in the industry, Kate found yoga as a way to release from the everyday stress that came along with the responsibilities. The more she practiced yoga, the more she was able to handle projects, personalities, and expectations. Kate wanted to pass along the learnings to help others, so she started teaching yoga. Her classes are non-judgmental, authentic, and provide the ancient wisdom of the yoga culture. Kate teaches in a style that pushes students to break their boundaries and build flexibility and strength.

Kate has completed over 2,000 hours of yoga training that include topics ranging from the physical body to the mental and emotional bodies. She’s classically trained in meditation in the Saraswati order by Yogi Charu. Kate’s biggest inspiration for her physical classes comes from Bryan Kest, whose philosophy is to do less, not more. Kate is well known for her Yin trainings and classes where she teaches in the vibe of Paulie Zink, the original Yin Yoga teacher.

Kate is recognized for her honest approach and her personal journey of being fearless both on and off the mat.