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COVID-19 Updates

Updated April 1, 2020

The Himalayan Institute is carefully monitoring news and best practices from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local and state authorities regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), as the situation continues to evolve on a daily, even hourly, basis. The WHO considers this outbreak to be a global pandemic. During this time, we think about our friends and family around the world and know that many are concerned about their health and safety.

With concern for our guests, presenters, staff, and community utmost in our minds and hearts, the Himalayan Institute is suspending and rescheduling all in-person visits, events and overnight guest stays at our Honesdale campus through April 30, 2020. We will be happy to reschedule your visit or provide a full refund if your visit falls before April 30, 2020. We will be reaching out to all registered guests, or you can connect with us by phone at (800) 822-4547 or email. Some in-person programs are being rescheduled for later dates, and we are preparing to offer some of these programs online very soon. Keep an eye on our program calendar for ways you’ll be able to stay connected with us in the near future.

Our campus is closed to visitors now, but we are accepting mail, packages, and deliveries. At this time, there has been no COVID-19 virus detected on our campus. We are taking additional steps to protect our community with sanitary procedures over and above our already comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing processes. We have advised our residents and staff on practical preventative steps to stay healthy, and have procedures in place if anyone develops illness.

We care deeply about all of you, and are committed to serving you in all the ways that we can at this time. During this pause at our campus, we will be in touch with you in many other ways, including:

Our commitment to you is that we will continuously monitor and evaluate the situation, and provide pertinent information as it becomes available. Our motto is “Yoga is skillfulness in action.” We aspire to rise to the highest levels of care and skillfulness with our guests and our community.

Stay safe, and take care of each other. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Greg Capitolo, Mission Programs Director
Brian Fulp, Retreat Center Director

COVID-19 Care Package

Our care package to you—meditations, classes, and inspirational messages for building mental, emotional, and physical resilience in these unprecedented times. Free for everyone—share with your loved ones.

COVID-19 Support / Spiritual Community
Living Without Fear in the Era of COVID-19: Unleashing the Power of Healing and Service
COVID-19 is here. All of us have valid reasons to be concerned about the virus and its ramifications on many levels—health and well-being, social, and economic. The ethical and spiritual implications of this pandemic are beyond anyone’s comprehension. And yet, yoga gives us tools that will help us on every level. Now is the time to turn to the 5,000-year-old tradition of yogic wisdom and to put that wisdom into practice. By tapping into the pool of our inner healing force, we can eliminate fear and mobilize the time-honored power of service. Join Pandit Rajmani Tigunait for this timely livestream, and become a force of global healing and positive change in these troubled times.
Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD headshot
Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD
Articles / Meditation
The Real Meaning of Meditation
What is meditation? How does it work? Can meditation help us achieve genuine peace and happiness in today’s hectic, often chaotic world? Swami Rama explains the various aspects of meditation: how to turn inward, how to cultivate stillness, how to pay attention, and how to tell that we are making progress.
Swami Rama headshot
Swami Rama
Articles / Yoga Practice
Pranayama and the Autonomic Nervous System
Can we consciously change our heart rate and other automatic, or involuntary, functions of our body? Swami Rama explains how pranayama—controlling the breath—enables us to bring all the processes regulated by our autonomic nervous system under our voluntary control.
Swami Rama headshot
Swami Rama
Articles / Wisdom
The Yamas: Creating Harmony in Daily Life
It can be hard to change unproductive habit patterns. Yoga’s yamas (restraints) and niyamas (observances) help us to do just that. Learn how the five yamas alert us when our actions are out of sync with our spiritual aspirations and how they help us understand and manage the emotions driving our actions—allowing us to relate to ourselves and others in a more harmonious and balanced way.
Rolf Sovik, PsyD headshot
Rolf Sovik, PsyD
Classes / Meditation
Foundations of Meditation
When our body is comfortable and stable, our mind can flow peacefully inward toward a deep state of meditation. In this workshop, Luke Ketterhagen shares ways that we can refine our posture and breath to increase the length and quality of our meditative practice. Move through an exploration of sitting styles, a sequence of supportive asanas, and techniques of yogic breathing.Then tie it all together with a guided meditation, and experience the difference. Format: Multiple videos with audio download Length: 1 hr 8 mins
Luke Ketterhagen headshot
Luke Ketterhagen
Classes / Yoga
Release Tension & Increase Awareness
When we are comfortable and stable in our physical and energetic body, we find it easy to direct our awareness inward. As our inner attention increases, we become even more firmly established in a luminous sense of ease. In this workshop, Judy Moulton leads us through practices that help us experience this relationship between releasing tension and increasing awareness. Join her in breath-connected movements and a systematic relaxation that serve as opportunities for deep self-exploration. Format: Multiple videos with audio download Length: 77 mins
Judy Moulton headshot
Judy Moulton
COVID-19 Support / Emotional and Mental Resilience
Well-Being Meditation
A systematic practice of meditation is an opportunity for deep rest and nourishment. Leading us inward step-by-step, Rolf Sovik introduces techniques for releasing tension in our mind and body. Relax into a profound sense of well-being and awaken to the peace and joy already within you. Format: Audio streaming with audio download Length: 15 min
Rolf Sovik, PsyD headshot
Rolf Sovik, PsyD
Articles / Holistic Health
From Chaos to Calm
Juggling our many responsibilities and activities, it’s natural to be stressed, right? According to Dr. Carrie Demers, by no means! In this article, she emphasizes that the choice is ours—to suffer from constant tension or to enjoy a baseline of calm. Reclaim your right to relax: learn three simple techniques to ease out of fight-or-flight mode and melt away the stress.
Carrie Demers, MD headshot
Carrie Demers, MD
COVID-19 Support / Emotional and Mental Resilience
How Meditation Builds Resilience
What if you could learn to manage stress simply by shifting your perspective? Bill Ryan explains how our worldview informs our reactions to perceived threats and dangers in our life. He then shares some good news: by transforming our mind and nervous system through meditation, we can take charge of our essential outlook to lead a less stressful, more fulfilling life. Format: Video with audio download Length: 5 mins
Bill Ryan, PhD headshot
Bill Ryan, PhD
COVID-19 Support / Inner Connection
Breath & Body Awareness Meditation
In meditation, we collect our energy and attention from the external world into the center of our being. Sandra Anderson leads a brief, guided practice on this journey inward with elements of posture, breath, subtle centers, and body awareness. Close your eyes and connect with the fountain of nourishment within. Format: Audio streaming with audio download Length: 6 min
Sandra Anderson headshot
Sandra Anderson
COVID-19 Support / Emotional and Mental Resilience
The Importance of Self-Care
Self-care is a common topic in recent years, but what does it mean to truly care for yourself, and how can you incorporate replenishing routines into your life? In a culture that often pushes us past our limits, we need to cultivate the ability to take a pause and unplug. Dr. Theresa Oswald explains how nourishment, relaxation, connection, and self-expression can form the menu of self-care options we need to have at our disposal. Format: Video with audio download Length: 9 mins
Theresa Oswald, MD headshot
Theresa Oswald, MD
Classes / Yoga
Access, Strengthen, and Behold the Heart (Level 2)
To go deeply into the heart center, we must first build a strong and resilient container for it in the body. To listen to the heart, we must first find stillness in the mind. Join Shari Friedrichsen for this targeted, challenging practice to infuse the body with prana shakti, pausing along the way to consider the effects of each pose on the heart space. Wake up the intelligence of the heart and reveal its deepest mysteries and sacredness. Format: Video with audio download Length: 52 mins
Shari Friedrichsen headshot
Shari Friedrichsen