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Why Ujjayi?

What is ujjayi breathing? Why practice ujjayi? In this video, Luke Ketterhagen explains the benefits of this commonly practiced pranayama, and shares some useful tips. Ujjayi means “victorious breath,” and this practice helps to focus the roaming tendencies of the mind. It’s also a great preliminary to more advanced pranayama practices. Discover for yourself how this sweet-sounding pranayama can enhance your asana and meditation practice!

Format: Video with audio download
Length: 5 mins

About the Teacher

Luke Ketterhagen

As a young boy, Luke had a very strong desire to help others and live a healthy lifestyle. After graduating magna cum laude from Marquette University with a degree in biomedical sciences, Luke immersed himself in the studies and practices of the Himalayan Tradition through residential programs at the Himalayan Institute. His stay of over seven years in residence fueled Luke’s passion to share this knowledge. He has opened yoga studios and launched programs at centers and retreats from Venice, CA to the Hudson Valley; from Dallas, TX to Fond du Lac, WI. Luke and his family live in Westchester County, NY where he specializes in hatha, meditation, and the yogic lifestyle. In addition to teaching retreats and certification programs at the Himalayan Institute, Luke teaches locally, nationally, and internationally and leads spiritual excursions.

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