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Rivers of Consciousness: Three Nadis in Yoga

The life force (prana) that animates and supports our bodies flows in a complex network of countless nadis (channels of energy in the subtle body). Join Sandra Anderson as she discusses the three major nadis: ida, pingala, and sushumna. Learn how their unique characteristics shape our lives and practice.

Format: Video with audio download
Length: 7 mins

About the Teacher

Sandra Anderson

For over 25 years Sandra Anderson has shared her extensive experience in yoga practice and theory with students from all over the world. A senior faculty member and resident at the Himalayan Institute, her teaching reflects access to the living oral tradition, and the embodied experience of 30 years of dedicated practice. With a background in the natural sciences and studies in classical Sanskrit, along with frequent pilgrimages to India, Sandy has a rare capacity to eloquently convey the richness of spiritual life in our contemporary world. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book, Yoga Mastering the Basics, and was a contributing editor and columnist for Yoga International magazine. She is now a frequent contributor to YogaInternational.com, offering instructional videos, workshops, and articles. Sandy leads trainings and retreats both nationally and internationally, and at the headquarters of the Himalayan Institute.

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