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Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition


Prayers and mantras are among the most central of practice resources available in the Himalayan Tradition. Prayer sets the tone for our day and connects us to a perennial source of wisdom. At the Himalayan Institute, our community recites prayers together each morning (6:00 a.m.) and evening (6:00 p.m.). This is a wonderful practice for Himalayan Institute students to do at home as well. Download the audio, and follow along with PDFs.

Download the audio here. (right-click, "Save as...") Download the Student’s Pronunciation Version here (right-click, "Save as...") Download the PDF here.

About the Teacher

Himalayan Tradition

The tradition of the Himalayan sages is an unbroken chain that extends for thousands of years, a living tradition that still exists today, undisturbed by the passage of time. Rooted in the wisdom shared in the Vedas, Upanishads, Tantra, and Yoga, the Himalayan Tradition is dedicated to sharing the experience of that truth which is eternal and universal.

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