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Point-to-Point Breathing


Point-to-point breathing helps you establish a relaxed, one-pointed concentration that deepens your yoga practice. As your mind and breath travel together from one point in the body to another, and then beyond the body toward infinity, the points create a sense of deep connection between the mind and the body and between the finite and the infinite. You, the finite, rest in the infinite. Enjoy this guided practice.

Format: .mp3 audio file with download
Length: 9 mins

About the Teacher

Rolf Sovik, PsyD

President and Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute, Rolf Sovik, PsyD, began his study of yoga and meditation in 1972. He is a student of H.H. Swami Rama and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, and under their guidance has explored the teachings of the Himalayan tradition. He holds degrees in philosophy, music, Eastern Studies, and Clinical Psychology. He is currently a resident of the Himalayan Institute where he lives with his wife, Mary Gail. Read Rolf’s articles on yoga wisdom and spirituality in the Himalayan Institute Wisdom Library.

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