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Guided Nadi Shodhana Practice


Nadi shodhana—alternate nostril breathing—is the primary practice for clearing the energy channels (nadis) of impurities that might impede concentration. Sandra Anderson guides this cleansing pranayama, which involves inhaling and exhaling through one nostril at a time. Experience how opening the flow of energy along the nadis helps you calm and strengthen your nervous system and deepen self-awareness—making it an excellent preparation for meditation.

Format: .mp3 audio file with download
Length: 4 mins

About the Teacher

Sandra Anderson

Senior faculty at the Himalayan Institute, Sandy teaches yoga, meditation, and philosophy, and is a key instructor in the Institute's teacher training programs. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book, Yoga Mastering the Basics, and a frequent contributor to the Himalayan Institute's online Wisdom Library. Her work draws on her immersion in the living oral tradition, traditional texts of hatha yoga and tantra, training in Sanskrit, and her background in environmental science. A long-time resident at the Himalayan Institute with a diverse background and life experience, Sandy has a unique capacity to convey the richness of spiritual life in the contemporary world.

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