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Epigenetics: How We Live Impacts our Genes

A healthy lifestyle supports our body’s innate ability to heal itself and can deactivate genetic predispositions toward disease. The science of epigenetics explores how lifestyle affects the way our genes express themselves without changing our actual genetic code. Join Dr. Theresa Oswald to learn, for example, how physical activity and time spent in nature help to neutralize genetic tendencies toward obesity and heart disease, and how we need to make healthy lifestyle choices available in all communities.

Format: Video with audio download
Length: 9 mins

About the Teacher

Theresa Oswald, MD

Theresa Oswald, MD, the founder and president of Knowledge as Medicine (KnowledgeAsMedicine.com), is a holistic physician with 25 years of experience who specializes in an integrative approach to pain and rehabilitation. After receiving her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, she completed her residency training at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at Northwestern University. She is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as in integrative medicine. Her career as a physiatrist has been spent honing ways to optimize her patients’ functioning in all areas of health: body, mind, and spirit. Her experience includes the delivery of medicine in the most modern hospital settings as well as in the most simple, rural settings in developing countries.

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