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Cleansing & Nourishing Breath Awareness

Cleansing & Nourishing for Radiant Health

Year Long Meditation

Our breath is inherently both cleansing and nourishing. As we exhale, we release stale air and toxins, making room for fresh breath and new energy on the inhalation. Taking the concepts of cleansing and nourishing from theoretical to practical, Judy Moulton guides a brief breath awareness exercise that will leave you feeling refreshed and grounded.

Format: Video with audio download
Length: 4 mins

About the Teacher

Judy Moulton

Judy Moulton is a Himalayan Institute certified and Yoga Alliance recognized E-RYT 500, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor registered with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and a contributor to YogaInternational.com. Judy is also the director of the Himalayan Institute's teacher certification programs and a key facilitator within those programs. Having experienced the immense transformative power of yoga directly, she relies on her own personal practice of yoga and ayurveda to support her daily life and is dedicated to helping others to do the same. Judy's style of teaching combines breath-connected movement, classical asanas, breath training, and systematic relaxation to access a state of deep inner awareness as preparation for meditative practice.

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