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A relaxing weekend getaway to help you unwind and feel refreshed.

Get away for a weekend of therapeutic massage, biofeedback sessions, and individual yoga therapy sessions designed to help you unwind and feel refreshed.

This retreat, led by our integrative medical physicians Dr. Carrie Demers and Dr. Theresa Oswald, puts rejuvenation and optimum health in your hands. This 3-day program provides you with relaxing and therapeutic services which will support you in your journey to creating renewed wellness and a balanced life.

$499 *Not including accommodations and meals.

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The program begins with orientation on Friday evening and concludes at lunch on Sunday.

In addition to your daily treatment schedule you will have access to:

  • Morning yoga classes
  • 3 Vegetarian meals daily
  • Explorations in self-awareness
  • 400 acres of wooded hiking trails and vistas
  • Sacred Grove Cafe
  • The MarketPlace Bookstore and Giftshop
  • Unlimited Wi-fi


The Pause and Renew Retreat is located at The Himalayan Institute Retreat Center in northeastern Pennsylvania, nestled in the rolling Pocono Mountains and surrounded by lush, green forests.

Add Ons:

  • Private Guided Meditation session (30 minutes): $50
  • Private Guided Systematic Relaxation session (30 minutes): $50

3 Day / 2 Night Retreat Includes:

This 60-minute medical and lifestyle consultation will provide an integrative approach to renewing your health. Combining concepts from allopathic (conventional), homeopathic, and ayurvedic medicine, our board certified integrative physicians Dr. Carrie Demers and Dr. Theresa Oswald, will work with you to understand your health needs, make recommendations for a balanced lifestyle, and suggest natural medicines and supplements that support healing.
Our highly skilled massage therapy staff will release muscular tension and restore the flow of healing energy in your body through individual bodywork treatments. Multiple treatments are sure to unwind stress and bring peace to body and mind.
Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, trauma, or challenge. In this session modern, computerized biofeedback techniques will be used to assess your breathing and resilience.
Using yoga practices, our therapist will help you find more ease and freedom in your body and mind. These yoga therapy sessions are tailored to each individual, focusing on your specific needs. You will discover simple techniques that will make a profound impact on your healing journey.

Who Manages the Program?

Carrie Demers, MD

Board-certified in both internal medicine and integrative medicine, Carrie Demers, is a holistic physician who blends modern medicine with traditional approaches to health. After receiving her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Demers went on to study massage, homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, and ayurveda. She has been the medical director of the Himalayan Institute’s PureRejuv Wellness Center (formerly the Total Health Center) for the last 20 years. Read More

Theresa Oswald, MD

Founder and president of Knowledge as Medicine, Dr. Oswald is a holistic physician with 25 years of experience who specializes in an integrative approach to pain and rehabilitation. After receiving her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, she completed her residency training at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at Northwestern University. Read More

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