Worm Composting with Everyday Materials

Himalayan Institute Mexico’s project in Jonotla focuses on teaching sustainable, organic agriculture techniques. Many farmers in Jonotla and around the world depend on chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order to maintain high crop yields. However, in the long run, these chemicals rob the land of its vitality, which makes the farmers all the more dependent [...]

April 13th, 2010|Mexico|

Energy Farming Techniques

The Himalayan Institute’s Energy Farming program utilizes organic and biovedic land cultivation techniques. By avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the Energy Farming program is able to grow healthy crops while improving the fertility of the soil. Some of these techniques that are currently in use at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement include intercropping, vermicomposting, and micro-rainwater [...]

September 28th, 2009|Energy Farming, Tibetan Settlements|