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Our Humanitarian Footprint Series: Meet Rosine

Rosine Makanaky is a woman with an extraordinary vision and an equally powerful determination. Rosine’s comprehensive, personal approach to caring for disabled children stems from her experiences and education; what makes her extraordinary is her willingness to return to this area to bring about social change and empowerment where it is needed the most. We [...]

April 3rd, 2014|Cameroon|

Empowering Rural Women

Today is International Women’s Day, a time when NGO’s and international humanitarian organizations such as ours in Cameroon, come together to see what more can be done to help raise women’s’ equality. A woman that is educated and empowered will have more chances to improve her society because it is the women that often teach the [...]

March 8th, 2012|Cameroon, Sacred Link Jewelry|

Kumbo Arts Exhibition

Kumbo, the home of the HI Cameroon community center, recently hosted a regional arts fair featuring the work of many artists intimately connected with the Himalayan Institute's humanitarian projects.  The event was a perfect opportunity for craftspeople working with HI Cameroon’s School of Carpentry and Construction and students of our Sacred Link Jewelry program to [...]

Teaching Job Creation

The Himalayan Institute’s Shey Wongibe has been teaching students at Kumbo’s Government Technical High School (GTHS) the theory and technique behind Sacred Link Jewelry. The goal is simple: teach interested students the skills needed to design and produce jewelry, so that they can create micro-enterprises for themselves. In its first week, the course attracted over [...]

February 23rd, 2009|Cameroon, Sacred Link Jewelry|

Sacred Link Jewelry Teaches 18 More Students

Within the last month, the main hall at Himalayan Institute Cameroon (HIC) has served as a classroom, a yoga studio, a lecture hall, and a community meeting place. On Saturday October 4, the Sacred Link Jewelry program added to the list by holding a public jewelry-making workshop. Eighteen attendees were taught how to design jewelry [...]

October 22nd, 2008|Cameroon|