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  • Internal Growth To Support Community Development


    On Monday August 29th, the Himalayan Institute Cameroon held the first of a series of meetings and events that will result in an organizational overhaul of its community center operations. The goal of this reorganization is to make the center more efficient and more effective …

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  • New Carpentry Tools for Kumbo

    The Himalayan Institute’s School of Carpentry & Construction is busy preparing for its first 10 week course on advanced woodworking techniques. Electricians and mechanics have been working at a furious pace to get all of the tools installed and tuned up before class begins on …

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  • Labor Day Parade

    May 1, 2009 was Cameroon’s national Labor Day. For the Himalayan Institute Cameroon it was a day of celebration and pride. Each year, Labor Day in Kumbo is marked by a grand parade at the stadium to honor all vocations, businesses, and organizations in the …

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  • Energy Farming Expo

    The arrival of three new tractors was a cause for celebration at the HIC and will be a great help for local farmers in Cameroon’s Bui Division. The modern equipment will be available to farmers through a service rental program, which will allow them to …

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  • Arrival of Supplies and New Services

    The Himalayan Institute Cameroon celebrated the arrival of a 20-foot shipping container from Guangzhou, China bearing tools and equipment for the development of HIC programs, particularly for the School of Energy Farming and School of Carpentry and Construction. With the arrival of the container’s contents, …

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  • A Coalition of NGOs

    In Cameroon, government funding is in short supply, so it is up to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to bring health, education, and other important services to communities in need. Some of these NGOs are international organizations, bringing staff in from the US, Canada, Holland, Nepal, etc. …

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  • Expansion in Mbveh

    The Mbveh district of Kumbo, lying in the heart of the Northwest Cameroon’s grasslands, boasts a strangely cosmopolitan atmosphere. Throughout the market square, rows of Nigerian-owned sheds tout merchandise covered in Chinese script. Whenever the wind blows, flyers from European missionaries flap against bulletins and …

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