The fact that we are deep in Kali Yuga has never been as evident as it is today. We are a society run by fear and doubt. Divisive forces are in full swing. Anger and violence dictate our behavior. However, what we do not realize is that the same Kali Yuga which is characterized by dark forces also offers a great opportunity, provided we are vigilant about our place and role in the world.

How can we transcend the darkness of Kali Yuga? How can we conquer the negative and destructive forces both within us and in the larger world? Investing our effort in practice, prana, and pilgrimage is key.

In this four-part series, Panditji gives us context about the forces that join (and divide) human civilization. He also guides us to the practices that will enable us to transform ourselves individually as well as begin to become a vehicle for integration and positive change more broadly—to become torchbearers for humanity.

This series is accessible to Mission Members only, but because we believe this topic is relevant and important for everyone, we are offering open access to everyone for Part One in this series. To access the full upcoming series, become a Mission Member!

Format: Multiple videos with audio download
Length: 6 hrs, 5 mins

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Source: Spiritual Evolution in Kali Yuga satsang (Honesdale, 2017)