Daniel Libby, PhD

Dan is a founder and the executive director of Veterans Yoga Project. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and yoga teacher specializing in the mindful integration of evidence-based psychotherapies and complementary and alternative medicine practices for the treatment of PTSD and other psychological and emotional distress in active-duty military and veterans.

As a postdoctoral fellow with Yale University’s Department of Psychiatry and the VA’s Mental Illness Research and Education Clinical Center, Dan conducted research investigating the physiological correlates of mindfulness meditation as well as the first epidemiological investigation of complementary and alternative medicine in VA PTSD treatment programs. He is also former director of clinical services for the Starlight Military Rehabilitation Program and has taught mindfulness and yoga to hundreds of veterans and active-duty service members.

Daniel is currently a psychologist at the Oakland Vet Center in Oakland, California, where he teaches several yoga and meditation classes weekly. A graduate of the 200-hour Embodyoga Teacher Training, Dan learned everything he ever needed to know at the Feathered Pipe Ranch, the renowned nonprofit educational foundation and yoga retreat center.