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Christine Harbison

Why I do what I do. I love yoga and, like most, when I started I believed it was just an exercise routine and it twisted you up like a pretzel. As my learning and training evolved I soon began to realize it’s a lifestyle, a lifestyle that I was drawn to, because I was slowly over time finding out who “I” really was. I began to drop all the “labels” and “assumptions” of what I “thought” my life should be and just started to live life to the fullest.

I earned my 200-hour certification at the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, NY. I continued my studies at the Himalayan Institute’s ashram in Honesdale, PA, gaining my 500-hour certification. Also holding ayurvedic yoga specialist and 3 wisdom traditions wellness coach certifications from the Himalayan Institute. Currently enrolled in the AHC and AYT programs at HI.

I love teaching yoga, all aspects of yoga, and helping people find their true inner radiance is my passion. I enjoy “nerding” out on anatomy and use that knowledge to help folks working with or rehabbing from an injury. Holding advanced certifications in orthopedic and clinical exercise along with biomechanics allows me to further help my clients.