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Cathy McQuade

Cathy McQuade is E-RYT-200, Yin Yoga certified, Holistic Health Coach AADP, and mother of two. Yoga, meditation, and integrative nutrition have been a part of her life for the last twelve years, bringing her a deeper sense of self, while assisting her as she cultivates wholeness and balance in her life on and off the mat. She has learned the power of breath not only strengthens but allows a softening of mind and body, creating flexibility and adaptability throughout life. She creates a judgment-free, compassionate space for students to show up exactly as they are; leading them to the connection of mind, body, and breath as they find the nourishment they need. She encourages her students the freedom to choose stillness or poetic movement, as the journey is theirs to explore. By cueing alignment through body sensation and muscular engagement, threading thought-provoking mediation throughout class, plan to be inspired to find physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

It is with gratitude for the teachers who lovingly shared their wisdoms with her, she now sets forth to share and continue to create deeper connections, passing the key along to those who seek it. In love and trust prepare to sweat, breathe, and break boundaries together.

Her hope is that you step off your mat feeling reenergized, revitalized, and balanced. She offers workshops on essential oils, integrative holistic healthcare through diet and nutrition, meditation, and yoga. Her love of learning keeps her engaged in ongoing trainings, to elevate herself and all around her. Grateful and humble she will forever be a student to the practice.