Sri Vidya Shrine Prayer

Seated at the door of our hearts, Oh Inner Light, you are Adi-guru, the teacher of all previous teachers. Guide me. Guide my conscience. Help me contain your light. Gurunam gurave namah.

Prayers of the Tradition

Prayers of the Tradition are done at the beginning of Morning and Evening Prayers and are included in the audio files for each.

Morning Prayers are at 6:00 AM. Evening Prayers are at 9:30 PM.

Morning Prayers

Evening Prayers

Bhagavad Gita 4.24

The following sanskrit text, a verse from the Bhagavad Gita (4.24) is a beloved traditional prayer that is chanted before meals.

Translation: May I remember the truth: That the food being offered is Brahman, the individuals offering the food are Brahman, and the very process of offering itself is also Brahman. Therefore, we perform this offering with full awareness of Brahman alone. May this entire act of cooking, serving, and eating be transformed into sadhana, the spiritual practice leading us all toward Brahman, the highest goal of life. Through this offering, may the universal consciousness, which pervades and permeates our individual consciousness, be worshipped and satisfied. OM, peace, peace, peace.