Spend a weekend relaxing and restoring your inner vitality using the practical wisdom and ancient secrets of ayurveda.

What is ojas?

According to ayurveda, ojas is the vital sap that gives us vitality, resilience, and strong immunity. It also promotes creativity, mental clarity, compassion and spiritual strength. In our youth, ojas is plentiful—giving us energy and vibrancy. But when it lessens with age or chronic stress, we can become more vulnerable to fatigue, immune weakness, and many diseases.

How do you know if your ojas is low?

Ayurveda says that low ojas can manifest in many ways: low energy, susceptibility to colds and flus, weak digestion, poor focus, increased anxiety, or just a lack of enthusiasm. Chances are, we all could use a healthy boost to our ojas!

How do we rebuild our ojas?

Since much of our ojas is depleted through stress, the major way to replenish ojas is through relaxation. Therefore, this weekend retreat provides an opportunity to unwind through massage and stress-reducing classes focused on breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

Strong ojas also arises from living in harmony with your particular nature—your ayurvedic constitution, or Prakriti. This weekend will give you insight into your personal Prakriti, and your personal tendencies that either help or thwart your inherent healing capacity. Understanding this is paramount to increasing ojas in an effective way that restores balance and harmony to your whole system.

$199 *Not including accommodations.

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The program begins with Orientation on Friday evening. In addition to your daily treatment schedule you will have access to:

  • Morning yoga classes
  • 3 Vegetarian meals, daily
  • Explorations in self-awareness
  • 400 acres of wooded hiking trails and vistas
  • Sacred Grove Cafe
  • Bookstore/Giftshop
  • Unlimited Wi-fi

2 Day / 2 Night Retreat Includes:

Over this weekend, you will learn the ayurvedic process of building ojas, restoring your inner “glow”, and reconnecting to your innate well-being through ojas enhancing treatments and classes that include:

Our experienced massage and bodywork therapists work with you to personalize your massage for maximum comfort and relaxation. More treatments or sessions are available throughout the weekend as add-ons.
Each of the three classes are taught once throughout the weekend and focus on one of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Specific asana poses and pranayama techniques are incorporated into each class to pacify and balance the focus dosha. Come to the one that fits your constitution or experience all three.
Evening discussions are organized to help you understand your particular nature and develop ayurvedic self-care routines including dietary choices, relaxation practices, and herbal medicines.
These gentle classes are designed to help you experience deep relaxation and peace; offered twice daily.


The Restoring Ojas Retreat takes place at the PureRejuv Wellness Center at The Himalayan Institute Retreat Center.


During the retreat, ample downtime is built-in for you to schedule additional treatments and relax in your own unique way. Add-on services include:

  • Additional massage treatments including ayurvedic Garshana, Shirodhara and/or steam; Thai Yoga massage; Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki or Craniosacral therapy
  • Biofeedback therapy to assess vagal tone, heart rate variability and improve relaxation skills
  • Personalized one-on-one yoga sessions to create or refine a home practice
  • A consultation with an integrative medicine health professional (physician or nurse practitioner)

Who Manages the Program?

The Restoring Ojas retreat is overseen and managed by the medical director of PureRejuv Wellness Center, Dr. Carrie Demers. Board-certified in integrative medicine, Dr. Demers blends modern medicine with proven alternative and holistic methods to treat a variety of health concerns. Her dedication to empowering individuals to reclaim their inner healing potential is evident in her compassionate and detailed approach to her practice. Dr. Demers recognizes each person is unique and made up of more than just a physical ailment or predisposition. She will work closely with you and your retreat team to prescribe customized treatments and a take home plan so you gain the most benefit from your cleansing and detoxification treatments.

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