Spend five days exploring your physical capacity, re-defining your beliefs, and establishing priorities that create new behaviors for healthy living while nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy Transformation Happy LadyScience has repeatedly shown that our lifestyle—how we move, eat, and de-stress—is the foundation for good health. Most chronic diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes are treatable and preventable through lifestyle change.

But how do we make changes?

First, we need to experience how great we can feel when we champion our own healing abilities. Everything that you receive on this retreat—good food, fresh air, invigorating movement, deep breathing and relaxation, massage therapy, holistic medicine and good company—supports your healing. At the end of this retreat, you will feel an enlivening energy in body and mind.

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This Five Day / Five Night Retreat Includes:

  • Four days of 90-minute personalized bodywork treatments to relax, detox, and nourish
  • Clinical assessments in integrative medicine and yoga/movement therapy by our skilled staff
  • A 60-minute Biofeedback session designed to help you learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Daily yoga classes to increase flexibility and relaxation
  • Tailored group exercise (hikes, cardio-circuit, strength-training, and/or dance)
  • Three delicious healthy gluten-free vegetarian meals daily
  • Daily lecture and discussion sessions on healthy food choices, movement, stress reduction, and mental patterns/habits
  • Guided introspection, reflection, and meditation training
  • An individualized take-home plan including lifestyle advice, natural medicines, and yoga practices

Pricing & Packages

The price for Healthy Transformation is $985 for the full 5 days (plus accommodations).

Packages includes all the amenities and services listed above plus accommodations for 5 days/5 nights in the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center, where our Wellness Center is located. Choose between the two accommodation package options below.

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Sample Schedule

7:00 a.m. Private yoga class, suitable for any level of fitness
8:00 a.m. Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Exercise: This will vary from walking/hiking, to resistance training, to dance! (Bring your workout clothes!)
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. Mini-lecture/discussion
2:00 p.m. Massage and free time
6:00 p.m. Dinner
7:00 p.m. Evening class (lecture/discussion or activity)—always followed by a bedtime wind-down relaxation practice

Lifestyle habits are foundational for both prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Start now to value your life, your purpose, and your dreams. Begin the journey to a more vibrant life.

The relaxing and intimate environment is exclusive to a maximum of 12 people.

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Let our team of experienced clinicians guide you in your self-care journey to more joyous and vibrant living.

Goals of the Retreat

Once you feel your inherent vibrancy and inner calm, you are more motivated to sustain the lifestyle habits that support it. Before you go home, we’ll help you make a plan to keep this good feeling with you. We’ll help you unravel the web of emotions and negative self-talk that keep you from prioritizing your health and well-being. We’ll encourage you to commit to behaviors that affirm your values and support your inherent good health. Lasting change results from a mental shift toward self-love. This retreat will help you get there.

Discover that:

  • Movement/exercise is fun
  • Healthy food tastes good
  • You can keep your stress level down
  • Your mind is your friend
  • Healthy habits are doable in the course of your daily life


When: Program starts on Thursday afternoon, and ends on Tuesday morning

Where: The Himalayan Institute Retreat Center in northeastern Pennsylvania. Nestled in the rolling Pocono Mountains and surrounded by lush, green forest, the Himalayan Institute will wrap you in a feeling of serenity and peace. Take time for reflection at the charming Sunset Pond, gaze at the sweeping vista overlooking the Sound of Music Hill, or reconnect to nature on one of the five hiking trails.

You can see a complete list of our Retreat Center amenities here.

Who Manages the Program?

The entire program is fully supported by both the Medical Director of PureRejuv Wellness Center, Carrie Demers, MD, and by the founder of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy, Jaime Stover Schmitt, EdD. Both doctors have been working holistically with clients for over 25 years to champion the healing potential within all of us.

Dr. Demers is board-certified in Integrative Medicine, and blends modern medicine with proven alternative therapies to treat a variety of health concerns. Dr. Schmitt has spent a lifetime designing fitness, movement, and yoga therapeutic practices that support self-care, positive change, and enjoyment of healthy living.

Both of them work closely with you to ensure you get the most from your experience, and take home health-promoting ideas and individualized practices that are just right for you!

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