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Invest in your personal practice. These six seminars offer a perfect blend of intellectual and experiential learning. They will complete your study of yoga, ayurveda, and other paradigms of health and healing and empower you to create the material and spiritual prosperity you are seeking.

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Living Tantra

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Tantric Tradition and Techniques

Tantra is the key to a life of fulfillment and prosperity. This seminar is the gateway to a comprehensive understanding of Tantra and how the tantric approach to health, healing, spirituality, and religion empowers us to excel in every aspect of life. The underlying theme is the awakening of kundalini shakti at the navel center, the foundation for all forms of tantric practice. We’ll lay the groundwork for this crucial awakening with the practice of prana dharana. We’ll also explore the difference between tantric and non-tantric versions of yoga, meditation, and religion, and discover how Tantra has shaped astrology and ayurveda and influenced the art of India, Tibet, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Major topics include:

Secret of Tantric Rituals

This is an opportunity to explore the sacred nature of our body and the world around us so we can experience the joy that is our birthright. We will examine the scientific basis for tantric rituals and how these rituals awaken subtle forces of nature, ward off obstacles, and create conditions favorable to both worldly success and spiritual growth. We will explore both the mystery of the inner fire, which leads to inner awakening and personal empowerment, and the mystery of the fire ceremony, which leads to healing the natural world. We’ll learn how to select and combine ritual ingredients, build a sacred fire, apply the appropriate mantras, and infuse the entire practice with the inner fire residing at the navel center.

Major topics include:

Forbidden Tantra

This seminar explores the power of Tantra, an alluring discipline that attracts seekers and scholars while frightening anyone who has built a solid wall between the sacred and mundane, spirituality and science. We’ll focus on the esoteric aspect of Tantra, which has long been used for miraculous healing and removing unmanageable obstacles. These sessions will explore those tantric practices that are baffling to most people, yet immensely rewarding to those who study and practice under the guidance of a competent master. We will learn tantric techniques for overcoming the afflictions that drain our vitality, cloud our mind, and rob our lives of joy. And we’ll learn how to use these techniques to help and heal our loved ones and our society.

Major topics include:

Tantra and Kundalini

The awakening of kundalini shakti is the heart of Tantra. Kundalini shakti, the primordial pool of energy and consciousness, is the living Goddess in the human body. She is an inexhaustible source of power and freedom, healing and nourishment, pleasure and joy. The infusion of kundalini shakti makes our body a living shrine and empowers us to live fully and joyfully. This seminar focuses on a skillful blend of asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, mantras, yantras, and rituals for awakening kundalini shakti. These practices are designed to enable us to gain access to the vibrant energy at the navel center.

Major topics include:

Tantra and the Lotus of the Heart

In every tradition, the lotus of the heart is seen as the sacred home of God. In the Indian tradition, Brahma the Creator is born of a lotus. The great deities, Maha Vairochana of Tibetan Buddhism and Dainichi Nyori of Shingon Buddhism, make this lotus their abode. And yet many of us experience this sacred home mainly as a tangle of thorns. This experiential seminar takes us to the very core of Tantra. We’ll learn the tantric method of meditating on the heart and discover why it destroys the clouds of fear and grief that engulf so many. This unique meditation technique is based on the Lotus Sutra of Buddha and the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and is augmented by techniques from the tantric scriptures.

Major topics include:

Sri Vidya—The Embodiment of Tantra

Sri Vidya, the most sublime and rewarding of all tantric paths, leads to a direct experience of ourselves as a wave of beauty and bliss arising from the ocean of pure consciousness. In this seminar, you will come to understand your body as a living shrine and the chakras as altars in that shrine. You will learn how every thought, word, and action is an avenue for spiritual experience. These sessions will empower you to integrate all the practices of yoga and meditation into the fulfilling model of Sri Vidya and to discover which of the chakras is the most suitable center of practice for you.

Major topics include:

Supporting Practices (Video/Audio)

Chapter 1 – Seven Mini-Lectures

1.1 The Energy Currents (Nadis) and the Development of the Chakras 41:41

1.2 Nadis Influence on Brain, Nervous System, & Emotional Life 27:42

1.3 Psychological Dimension of 3 Main Energy Currents 26:18

1.4 The Tantric Method of Opening Sushumna, the Central Energy Current 12:58

1.5 Tantric Method of Cleansing Energy Currents & Balancing Chakras 6:12

1.6 The Spiritual Dimension of Energy Currents (Nadis) and Chakras 9:57

1.7 Kundalini Awakening and the Vision of Tantric Deities 11:55

Chapter 2 – General Supporting Practices

2.1 Prana Dharana: The Living Tantra Master Practice 11:30

2.2 Hatha Yoga Sequence 1 1:13:52

2.3 Hatha Yoga Sequence 2 45:52

2.4 Hatha Yoga Sequence 3 1:14:32

2.5 Asana for Bhastrika Pranayama 32:24

2.6 Strengthening for the Deep Lower Belly 15:55

Chapter 3 – Other Supporting Practices

3.1 Diaphragmatic Breathing: The Foundation for Pranayama 31:57

3.2 Bhastrika Pranayama 5:00

3.3 Anuloma Pranayama 8:51

3.4 Ujjayi Pranayama 6:39

3.5 Agni Sara 4:23

3.6 Nauli Kriya 3:17

3.7 Three Sitting Postures for Meditation 6:10

3.8 Alternate nostril breathing audio practice. (Nadi Shodhanam) NA