Health Impact


Increasing the quality of life for the citizens of Cameroon

Since 2009 we have reached hundreds of thousands of people.

The Total Health Program has a powerful long-term impact on health outcomes in the region—in 2013 alone we reached 80,000 people. Over the past six years we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people, improving health outcomes and lives. As a result of the Total Health Program we have seen that people have a greater capacity to discuss key health topics and a better understanding of the resources available to them in their community. They are more apt to utilize the Total Health Center and to be motivated to continue building and promoting better health awareness within their own families and community.

Health Center Impact


Our Health Center activities fill critical gaps in the health system by providing treatments and by teaching people the benefits of prevention.

  • Mobile Health Clinics have created a network of 30+ villages that now receive regular visits on a quarterly cycle. This brings care to those who otherwise would have suffered for years or died prematurely from treatable conditions.
  • The Self-Treatment Kiosks are expanding access to Total Health products and are returning control of health to the people.
  • Our Health Consultant Training Course is producing limitless self-employment for our Certified Consultant Affiliates and giving communities access to vital local health resources.
  • Health Education Impact


    Our Health Education programs reached 8,000 people directly in 2013 through community classes and an additional 80,000 through awareness activities.

  • Class participants and the general public exposed to our printed educational material and Community Health Educators are greatly empowered to make good health decisions for themselves and their families.
  • In addition, people are significantly more likely to incorporate proper public health practices in their daily lives.
  • By increasing grassroots health knowledge, we are significantly increasing the quality of life and promoting a stronger and more vibrant community environment.
  • Documentation and Reports


    Most of our project documentation such as reports and developmental resources are available for download. We encourage you to follow the link below and review our Total Health Program documentation and tools.

    Download Reports Here