Energy Farming: Mexico

The Himalayan Institute Mexico is introducing a new paradigm for sustainability to the rural agricultural communities of the Sierra Norte-healthy soil grows healthy food for healthy people. To achieve this objective, HI Mexico promotes an Energy Farming approach—a set of organic techniques in which the very act of crop production returns nutrients and energy to the soil.

HI Mexico focuses on capacity training and micro-enterprise so that community members have the ability to improve and control their own livelihoods. We share knowledge and practical skills with farmers in a variety of ways.

A Demonstration Farm serves as a living classroom where visitors can view the techniques in action and see alternate methods for growing traditional crops, such as corn and coffee.

Workshops and Seminars, both in the classroom and on the Demonstration Farm, teach practical techniques that farmers can use on their land and families can use in their gardens.

Intensive Training Courses and Internships allow our programs to be sustainable at the local level. By working one-on-one with community members and students, we can pass this knowledge on to the next generation.

Formation of Cooperatives and Better Market Linkage improve the economic security in farming communities. Farmer cooperatives have greater bargaining power with buyers than individual growers who are dependent on intermediaries; can share costly or rare resources such as equipment and transportation; and comprise a greater pool of knowledge, experience, and practical aid for their members. HI Mexico supports groups wishing to form cooperatives through public sensitization, consultation services, leadership training, seminars, and assistance in researching new, fair markets.

Micro-Enterprise is the driving force behind rural empowerment. The Energy Farming program regularly develops small businesses, which create jobs for the community and help to sustain the operations of HI Mexico.