“In Mexico the Himalayan Institute reduces life-threatening dietary diseases through nutritional counseling and organic home gardening.”
A generation ago, the international health community had two well-defined goals: to halt the spread of infectious diseases and to feed the world’s growing population. Since then, obesity and the chronic diseases diabetes and hypertension have emerged as major global health problems, and today as many as 30% of households suffer under the double burden of malnutrition and overweight. Being diagnosed with one is no defense against the other, as most of the world’s additional calories have arrived in the form of cheap, highly refined carbohydrates and oils. In Mexico, a staggering 70% of adults are either overweight or obese, the highest rate on the planet.

Nutritional Counseling

At the heart of the VIDA project is the relationship forged between family and nutritional counselor.

Energy Farming: Mexico

Introducing a new paradigm for sustainability: Healthy soil grows healthy food for healthy people.

Organic Training Program

Training the next generation of leaders in the field of organic agriculture.

Demonstration Farm: Modeling Self-Sufficiency

A living classroom showcasing over a dozen practical techniques.

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Every membership supports our Humanitarian Projects. Because of the support of its members, the Himalayan Institute is able to provide education, healthcare, environmental support, and other empowering services to rural communities around the globe. Put your spirituality into action and make a lasting social transformation at the grassroots level.

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