Sacred Link Jewelry

Sacred Link Jewelry is a handmade natural jewelry line that incorporates designs and materials from around the world—India, Nepal, Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, and Africa. Exemplifying the spirit of Sacred Link, each design has cultural and spiritual significance in its land of origin.

Women’s Empowerment

Through vocational training and internship opportunities, Sacred Link Jewelry is bringing the beauty of the village market to the global market. By creating sustainable micro-enterprise, Sacred Link Jewelry helps to create income opportunities which can eradicate poverty and heal economic isolation.

In July 2007, the Himalayan Institute launched Sacred Link Jewelry internship program in Cameroon, West Africa. Seven local students were chosen to take part in the class. These students were carefully selected from hundreds of applicants to form the nucleus of the program. Over the next three months they received intensive training and hands-on experience in the complete art of Sacred Link Jewelry and learned the business skills necessary to put the knowledge into action. Based on a “train the trainer” model, these students had as much one-on-one contact with HI faculty as possible, so they would become fully prepared to remain with the Community Center as trainers or start their own micro-enterprise upon graduation.

The Sacred Link Jewelry students have graduated from their three-month long training program. Several of these students currently manage their own independent micro-enterprises where they create and sell jewelry and work on developing future designs. In addition, several other students teach Sacred Link Jewelry techniques at local high schools, women’s empowerment groups, and other development clubs throughout Cameroon.