Center for Business and Education


The Himalayan Institute Cameroon Center For Business and Education  allows students to have an occupation-focused center with the resources, teachers and classes needed to jump-start a career. Aside from a large pool of trade oriented books, this center offers, digital resources, general education classes, management and business sessions, and skill development in leadership, farming, woodworking, electrical, plumbing, automotive.

Other Facts about the Center For Business and Education

  • Is the region’s first vocational resource library8078080505_47539f6ef9_c
  • Employs teachers and several librarians
  • Houses a 5,000-volume library comprised of vocational topics such as management, law, accounting, marketing, farming, woodworking, electrical, plumbing, automotive skills, and more
  • Makes subscriptions available to relevant magazines for the latest news and developments in these fields
  • Features modern technologies such as computers, Internet access and a projector
  • House a conference room that can double as a community meeting space
  • Hosts free classes and workshops on business skills, leadership skills, and specific vocational trades, calling up local experts to help staff the classes.
  • Relieves pressure from our general library, giving it the opportunity to make a greater impact, too.