The Himalayan Institute relies on the generosity of its donors to fulfill its mission. Since its inception in 1971, the Himalayan Institute has been at the leading edge of personal and social transformation. In our early years, when yoga in the West was in its infancy, it was the selfless generosity of our donors that enabled us to build a strong foundation for the Institute.

Today, your generosity empowers the Institute to continue to innovate and offer the world high-impact, revolutionary programs. Donor support gave us the strength to conceive and implement many of the offerings we hold so dear—projects like Yoga International magazine, HI Total Health Center, HI Allahabad spiritual retreat center in India, and the numerous humanitarian projects we’ve undertaken over the decades including HI community centers in Africa, Mexico and Tibetan refugee settlements.

Giving to HI is a high-impact way you can put your ideology into practice and leave a legacy for future generations. We invite you to join us in serving a tradition that has served the world selflessly for untold ages. At this turning point in human consciousness, we need your help in extending our mission of healing and empowerment.

Your generosity empowers us to continue discovering new means to share the wisdom of the Himalayan Tradition, and inspire a global movement of spiritually-grounded transformation. We invite you to give to the Himalayan Institute and to Share, Serve, and Make a Difference.