Outright, immediate gifts are those made to Himalayan Institute today. These gifts help us to address our most pressing needs and to take advantage of unexpected opportunities to spread our mission.

Making Outright Gifts
Himalayan Institute accepts outright gifts through a variety of payment methods. Mechanisms for contributing cash today include:

Types of Gifts
If you are considering a gift other than cash, please contact Greg Capitolo at 570-647-1516. We are happy to help you with other gifts, including but not limited to stocks, bonds and closely held stock. For donations of real estate and tangible personal property, please ask for a copy of our Gift Acceptance Policy. Please note that Himalayan Institute considers gifts of real estate and personal property on a case-by-case basis driven by the needs of the institution.

Matching Funds
When choosing an outright donation, your employer may offer to match your contribution. Matching funds can often double – and sometimes triple – the value of your donation to Himalayan Institute at no cost to you. Himalayan Institute is happy to accept matching donations. Check with your employer as to whether it offers this generous option.