Planned Giving

The Himalayan Institute relies on the generosity of its members and donors to fulfill its mission. Your support has helped us to implement many of the offerings we hold so dear—projects such as Yoga International magazine, the HI Allahabad spiritual retreat center in India, and numerous humanitarian projects around the world. At this turning point in human consciousness, we need your ongoing support to extend our mission of healing and empowerment. We invite you to leave a legacy for future generations by donating to the Himalayan Institute—to Share, Serve, and Make a Difference. Contact us about giving. >>

Ways to Give


Stocks, Bonds,
or Securities

Life Insurance or
Retirement Benefits

I want to have an impact now

HI is happy to accept outright gifts of cash, securities, life insurance, and other cash-like instruments.  Giving these today can help contribute to our ongoing operational costs and fuel the expanding scope of our worldwide humanitarian work.
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I want to be supported by my gift

For sizable donations, HI can work with you to set up gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.  These gifts can provide you with a stream of income while you are alive and then allow you to leave your legacy to Himalayan Institute with ease.
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I want to have an impact later

Consider making HI a BENEFICIARY
If you look forward to giving in the future, consider bequeathing your assets to HI when you pass.  This can be done in the form of bequests in a will or naming HI as a beneficiary of retirement benefits or life insurance policies.
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Real Estate or Property

CONTACT Himalayan Institute

HI considers gifts of real estate and personal property on a case-by-case basis driven by the needs of the institution.

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Current Priorities

HI Mission Development

As the Institute celebrates its 40th anniversary, we’re proud to embark on an ambitious renewal of our core educational and spiritual mission. These efforts include significant new curriculum development of progressive, practitioner-oriented courses and professional certifications; Year Long Group Meditation 2012; development of an online learning environment and virtual community; faculty development; and support for a re-invigorated, global HI Affiliates program.

Humanitarian Projects in Africa

The Himalayan Institute Cameroon in West Africa is our flagship humanitarian project. Launched in 2007, HI Cameroon is our model HI community center offering five major humanitarian projects. It has been designed as an integrated hub for a range of rural empowerment projects, all supporting one goal—to fight poverty, illiteracy, and inequality through education, healthcare and environmental regeneration.

Himalayan Institute Honesdale Infrastructure Fund

The Institute is proud to announce a new fund exclusively to support sustainability efforts and ongoing maintenance of our Honesdale retreat center. By supporting this fund, you’ll be helping to ensure that this beautiful campus is vibrant and well maintained for future generations. These projects are strategic investments in the Institute’s long term security and enhance our environmental stewardship. Donations to this fund will help support initiatives like solar hot water and solar electric panels, water conservation efforts, energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient windows, a new campus-wide septic system, road repair, roof and siding repairs, and other improvements to the Institute’s physical facilities.