Fundraising Toolkit


Here is a complete and practical guide for Seva Circle leaders to use for effective fundraising.


Let your Seva Circle know the specifics about the problem that you are working to solve, and most importantly, how they can help. Share your fundraising page link to accept online donations, and use the downloadable material below to educate and inspire your Circle.


Fundraising helps to grow and strengthen your network. After you’ve educated your circle about the cause, ask them to donate and fundraise throughout their network. Use Facebook and other social media for sharing graphics and links. Set a weekly monetary goal and hold a weekly donation yoga class or other benefit events to keep you on track. Below are some other tips to engage and raise funds.


Make a big impact by reaching far and trying to exceed your initial goal by fundraising onwards to higher Challenge tiers. Hold milestone parties to thank your Circle and plan next steps. Always keep your goals in sight:
$1,000 helps 1,250 people
$5,000 helps 6,250 people
$10,000 helps 12,500 people
$20,000 helps 25,500 people and earns you a trip to Cameroon


    1. Show Progress: It has been proven that people are more likely to donate after somebody else has donated first. Ask a family member to get you started.
    2.  Start Immediately: Start raising money now. Hold small fundraisers once a week and the money will add up.
    3.  Get Personal: The more personal your fundraising letters and social media posts are, the more effective they will be.
    4.  Family and Friends: Target family and close friends first by writing personal letters. The more personal the better.
    5.  Social Media: Reach your friends and followers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc. We’ve created sharable graphics which you are free to use to spread the word.
    6.  Yoga in Action: Hold a weekly donation-based yoga class. Pick a monetary goal and let your students know how much you need and what an impact it will make in Cameroon.
    7.  Down to Business: Encourage local businesses to get involved by donating and/or helping host fundraiser events.
    8.  Events: Be sure to regularly host events. Choose a monetary target and then host a benefit, dance party, car wash, etc.
    9.  Blog: Sign up for our blog to stay informed about the Total Health Project in Cameroon. Use these blog posts to encourage people within your Seva Circle to get involved.
    10. Persistence: Keep to your event goals and timeline and don’t give up. Persistence has proven to be a key tool in effective fundraising.

Photos For Social Media

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Downloadable Materials:

Click here for downloadable materials such as report, presentation and shareable images for your social media pages.

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