Meditations / Mantra
Universal Mantra Meditation
Mantra is a sacred sound that leads us to pure, silent awareness. The universal mantra so’ham can be practiced freely by anyone—it’s the subtle sound of our own breath. In this guided meditation, Bill Ryan helps us rest our mind in the sound so’ham flowing with the breath. Let the flow of sound carry you to an inner space of peaceful stillness. Format: Audio streaming with audio download Length: 12 min
Bill Ryan, PhD headshot
Bill Ryan, PhD
Meditations / Mantra
5-Step Meditation
We may know that meditation involves various elements—such as breath and mantra—but not exactly how to coordinate them. In this guided meditation, Shari Friedrichsen weaves the strands together into a clear, concise process to purify and restore our inner world. Find a comfortable seat and reclaim your intrinsic luminosity. Format: .mp3 audio file with download Length: 15 mins
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Shari Friedrichsen
Meditations / Mantra
Guided Meditation Using a Personal Mantra
A personal mantra—a mantra uniquely attuned to our individual nature and needs, received from a qualified teacher—unlocks a rich, lifelong meditation practice. But how do we make best use of this mantra, and where does it fit into our practice? For students who already have a personal mantra, Bill Ryan guides a complete meditation session, beginning with a relaxation and culminating in a focus on the mantra. Find a comfortable seat and allow pure consciousness to reveal itself. Format: Audio streaming with audio download Length: 10 min
Bill Ryan, PhD headshot
Bill Ryan, PhD
Meditations / Mantra
Meditation Using the So’ham Mantra
A mantra provides a focal point and a resting place in meditation. The universal mantra so’ham (pronounced “so-hum”), meaning “I am That which I am,” can be used by every meditator and leads to clarity, peace, and self-realization. In this guided meditation led by Rolf Sovik, use breath and mantra awareness to awaken your inner observer—wise, pure, and free—and emerge with a renewed sense of lasting joy and a true self within. Format: Audio streaming with audio download Length: 13 mins
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Rolf Sovik, PsyD
Meditations / Mantra
Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition
Prayers and mantras are among the most central of practice resources available in the Himalayan Tradition. Prayer sets the tone for our day and connects us to a perennial source of wisdom. At the Himalayan Institute, our community recites prayers together each morning (6:00am) and evening (9:30pm). This is a wonderful practice for Himalayan Institute students to do at home as well. Download the audio, and follow along with PDFs.
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Himalayan Tradition