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Classes / Meditation
Foundations of Meditation
When our body is comfortable and stable, our mind can flow peacefully inward toward a deep state of meditation. In this workshop, Luke Ketterhagen shares ways that we can refine our posture and breath to increase the length and quality of our meditative practice. Move through an exploration of sitting styles, a sequence of supportive asanas, and techniques of yogic breathing.Then tie it all together with a guided meditation, and experience the difference. Format: Multiple videos with audio download Length: 1 hr 8 mins
Luke Ketterhagen headshot
Luke Ketterhagen
Classes / Meditation
Stretch, Relax, and Meditate (Gentle/All Levels)
One of the greatest gifts of living at the Himalayan Institute is the opportunity to take yoga classes from senior faculty in residence. Now, you have the chance to experience one of our most treasured traditions—Mary Gail Sovik’s “Stretch, Relax, and Meditate” class—from your own home! You’ll prepare the body for meditation with gentle movements and a long relaxation, then sit comfortably for a guided inward journey. Format: Video with audio download Length: 48 mins
Mary Gail Sovik headshot
Mary Gail Sovik
Classes / Meditation
Turning Within: Practical Strategies for Resting the Mind
From the earliest Upanishads to the writings of modern saints, we are told to turn within to rest our mind and find inner peace and joy. But while the advice to turn within may sound easy, carrying out that advice, for most of us, can be a challenge to put into practice. Drawing from the breadth of the yoga tradition, Rolf Sovik will offer examples of this fundamental teaching as it appears in various yoga scriptures, and explore what it means to turn within. Leading a guided step-by-step practice on the basic ways to rest the mind, Rolf will provide an insider’s approach on establishing a solid foundation for a strong and clear inner vision. Join Rolf on Sunday, February 18, at 3 p.m. EST for this insightful discussion and guided practice. Listen and practice along with us, and learn the power of turning within to transform your life! If you miss the livestream, you can watch the archived version on the Livestream section of our Wisdom Library. Please email help@himalayaninstitute.org for any technical difficulties during the livestream event.
Rolf Sovik, PsyD headshot
Rolf Sovik, PsyD
Classes / Meditation
Slow Flow Meditation Prep (All Levels)
Most of us cannot easily sit for meditation without first preparing our body and mind. A simple movement practice geared toward uniting the mind with the breath creates the perfect foundation for a seated meditation practice. With the body established in sthira sukham (unshakable steadiness and effortless ease) and the breath flowing smoothly, deeply, and quietly, our mind becomes peaceful and clear. Practice along with Sarah Guglielmi as she does a slow flow asana session ending with a short meditation. Format: Video with audio download Length: 40 mins
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Sarah Guglielmi
Classes / Meditation
Meditation to Go (All Levels)
Are you looking for a complete practice for both body and mind that doesn’t take up too much of your time? This full-body meditation preparation will help to remove stiffness and stagnation from the body as a preparation for a 20 minute seated guided meditation to cultivate breath awareness, refresh the mind, and prepare for working with a mantra. Format: Video with audio download Length: 30 mins
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Judy Moulton
Classes / Meditation
Fundamentals of Sitting Posture
How we sit for meditation and pranayama determines the success of our practice. In fact, the Yoga Sutra defines asana as embodying two qualities: sthiram and sukham (steadiness and comfort). In this workshop, Sandy teaches three classic poses to help you maximize stability, alertness, and ease—and gives useful practice tips along the way! Format: Video with audio download Length: 20 mins
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Sandra Anderson