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Ayurveda Essentials: Prakriti & Vikriti
Ayurveda is a science of holistic health that has served humanity for thousands of years. How can we begin to apply it toward our own healing? In this workshop, Sarah Guglielmi guides us through identifying our unique elemental makeup (prakriti), the imbalances that disturb it (vikriti), and the measures we can take to restore inner equilibrium. With these foundational insights, you will be ready to dive deeper into self-exploration and the study of ayurveda, to emerge with a lifestyle that brings out your inherent gifts and addresses your inborn challenges. Format: Multiple videos with audio download Length: 30 mins
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Sarah Guglielmi
Classes / Ayurveda
Stability for Self-Reflection (All Levels)
While our tendency to move quickly from task to task can serve us wonderfully in the external world, it can be a detriment to inner work—such as self-reflection. Kathryn Templeton shares pranayamas and asanas that help us contain vata (the air-like quality in us) and establish the stability, balance, and spaciousness necessary to explore our internal landscape. Join her in letting go, settling down, and centering within. Format: Video with audio download Length: 41 mins
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Kathryn Templeton
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Ground, Soothe, Uplift (All Levels)
Vata, pitta, kapha—the doshas (elemental tendencies) and their interplay form the foundation of our mind and body. When we acknowledge and harmonize the three, we can better understand and nourish ourselves. Join Judy Moulton in a series of asanas specifically designed to ground what is airy, soothe what is fiery, and uplift what lies static within each of us. Format: Video with audio download Length: 53 mins
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Judy Moulton
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Return to Calm: Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy for Anxiety
Anxiety is a growing epidemic in modern life—bringing with it a sense of restlessness, issues with focus and concentration, and general feelings of unease. For some people, insomnia or digestive distress accompanies these symptoms, creating further unrest and causing a vicious cycle of chronic ailment and worry. The holistic approach of ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy can offer us relief from the physical and emotional turmoil that anxiety stirs up, as well as addressing the root causes of our anxious thoughts and frayed nerves. Watch as Kathryn Templeton shares her favorite daily practices for soothing anxiety from yoga and ayurvedic science, and follow along with live demonstrations of key techniques. Reclaim your own power to bring your mind to a greater sense of steadiness, and learn how you can support your body back to a restful, calm state.
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Kathryn Templeton
Classes / Ayurveda
DIY Massage
Do you have pain or stress in your body? Self-massage can help. In this workshop, Nema Nyar teaches specific, simple self-massage techniques, and explains how self-massage helps us heal physical and emotional injuries and gives us greater stability and ease. Learn how massage also stimulates the flow of prana, promotes deeper breathing, and clears the mental clutter stored in our tissues. A DIY massage is a perfect remedy for tired and achy muscles! Format: Multiple videos with audio download Length: 47 mins
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Nema Nyar & Timothy Garrison