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Manipura Chakra: Nexus of Body & Mind
Our fiery manipura chakra, the pranic hub at our navel center, energizes and sustains our whole body. But this strength-giving navel area and its communication with the brain are in turn influenced by a mysterious collective consciousness that uses the “gut-brain axis” to affect us physically and mentally in a major way. What is this collective consciousness, and what exactly is the gut-brain axis it uses to communicate with our body and mind at an unconscious level?
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Jeff Masters
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Wave of Bliss
Great sages direct all their spiritual, mental, and physical resources toward their ultimate goal. In this captivating tale, Swami Rama tells how he met such a rare, accomplished yogi, one who was highly educated in the traditions of Vedanta and Yoga, and who was also a practitioner of Sri Vidya, the highest of paths. Here is some of what he learned.
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Swami Rama
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Discovering the Sacred Within
What is tantra, and how does it help us overcome our limitations and move toward greater self-awareness and freedom? Rod Stryker explains how this practical science is related to yoga and how it takes us deep within to explore the pranic force, the vital energy that animates our body and mind. By using the mind to access the pranic realm, he says, we can live in a more expansive way.
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Rod Stryker
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What Is Kundalini Awakening?
All of us have the potential for kundalini awakening, or self-realization. The experience of our highest self can be achieved through various ways and means, but our efforts must be firmly grounded in true spirituality. The Sri Vidya tradition of tantra emphasizes a refined, balanced, comprehensive approach toward awakening ourselves.
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Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD
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The Enchanted World of Tantra
Tantra is a vast trove of esoteric wisdom embracing medicine, astrology, philosophy, and spiritual practice. To a tantric, everything is merely shakti—power infused with intelligence. The many tools and techniques of tantra are intended to interact with the presiding forces (shaktis) in both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Tantric practices are designed to access the subtle dimensions of existence, connecting our inner and outer worlds and allowing us to consciously tap into this source of power.
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Sandra Anderson