Joining this spiritually charged community opens the door to many unique opportunities. Attend yoga classes and workshops with senior in-residence faculty, deepen your spiritual practice through meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine, and reconnect with nature by exploring one of the groomed hiking trails threaded through our 400-acre wooded campus.

This one-of-a-kind, mission-driven organization is a community of residents seeking the opportunity to expand their spiritual practices in an environment of like-minded individuals. We have positions available for those who share our passion for authentically representing the ancient science of yoga in the modern world.


Are You:

Enthusiastic about yoga and/or wellness?
Someone who loves to learn?
Excited about joining a dynamic, mission-driven team?

If so, one of these opportunities could be for you!

Living and Working at the Himalayan Institute

“We have mutual respect for each other because we feel like we’re here for the same things. Like any authentic family environment, creating community is about expressing who you are and giving other people the time and space to do the same.”
Aaron Luburich, Resident and Director of Creative Services & Marketing

Daily life in the Himalayan Institute community offers many opportunities for service, learning, and fellowship. A typical morning might include group meditation and a yoga class, followed by breakfast with fellow residents. Depending on the schedule requirements of your specific role, the work week is Monday–Friday from 8:30a.m.–5:30p.m. In the evenings and during other non-work hours, there is plenty of time to attend to your personal practice, such as asking questions of senior spiritual teachers during satsang and participating in lectures and group discussions.

In addition to lectures and satsangs, residents often participate in spontaneous gatherings for frisbee or board games, watch movies in the Residents’ Lounge, and sing songs around the campfire at Sunset Pond. On the weekends, residents are welcome to attend one of the Institute’s Mission Programs on yoga practice, meditation, yoga philosophy, or wellness.

About the Himalayan Institute


Our headquarters, located in the rolling mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a premier center for yoga and holistic living. The Institute and its multi-varied activities and programs exemplify the spiritual heritage of mankind that unites East and West, science and spirituality, and ancient wisdom and modern technology.

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