Timothy Garrison

Home City: Souderton, PA

Department: PureRejuv Wellness Center

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I have been a bodyworker for the past 10 years. Most of my life has been a struggle to find an authentic form of self-expression. This process was fast-tracked about four years ago, when I lost my partner to cancer. Since that time I have traveled across the country, taking over 450 hours of training in an intuitive form of bodywork called Myofascial Release. This modality is as much about healing the therapist as it is the client. In the most beautiful way, my work now embodies expression. I am a lover of the outdoors and wildlife; a reminder that we are all so intimately connected to this living being we call Earth.

Q: How did you find the Himalayan Institute?

A: About two years ago, the Himalayan Institute popped up when I was searching for places in the eastern US that offered ayurvedic training. I was surprised because I had never heard of the Himalayan Institute and it was only 2.5 hours from where I was living at the time. The residency program caught my eye, but the timing wasn’t quite right. I checked back about six months ago and saw that there was a massage therapist position open at the Institute’s PureRejuv Wellness Center and this time I was ready to commit. I turned 40 on Halloween and moved to the Himalayan Institute the following day.

Come here to get a greater appreciation of yourself and the human condition.
Q: What inspired you to join the community?

A: Professionally, I was very interested in lending my perspective to an already extremely diverse holistic healthcare team at the PureRejuv Wellness Center. I strongly believe the sustainable healthcare of the future is a clinic such as this, where people come for a variety of wellness care and treatments to manage pain, maintain balance, health, and happiness. On a personal level, I was looking for an environment, where I could just be myself and share experiences with others of like mind, encouraging one another toward growth and expression. I was also looking for a nurturing, peaceful place to establish a steady spiritual practice of healthy eating, meditation, and yoga.

Q: What have you learned during your time here?

A: Well, I have only been here for three weeks at the time I am writing this… I can honestly say, that I am learning something new every time I have a conversation with someone. I am not a very outgoing person, especially with a bunch of new faces, but there are multiple occasions where I sat with someone new, chatted, and felt like I had already known the person for many years. There are a number of people here who remind me so much of close friends and family. I am currently learning more about the history and philosophy of this Himalayan lineage to help broaden the context in which I am evolving.

Q: If there was one thing you could share about the Himalayan Institute, what would it be?

A: There is a stillness and a presence here that is palpable when you enter from the outside world. It is a deeply settling calm that facilitates growth. For me, the past few weeks have been filled with gratitude and fear, love and loss, pain and renewal. You cannot hide from yourself here. All of my stuff has been surfacing on a regular basis, but I have never felt more safe to feel it and let it go. I would say it is not easy living here all of the time, but I am of a mindset that easy living is not necessarily living at all. There is plenty of support when you need it and there is plenty of space when you need to be alone for a while. Come here to get a greater appreciation of yourself and the human condition.