The Himalayan Institute Cameroon in West Africa is our flagship humanitarian project. Launched in 2007, HI Cameroon is our model HI Community Center offering five major humanitarian projects. It has been designed as an integrated hub for a range of rural empowerment projects, all supporting one goal—to fight poverty, illiteracy, and inequality through education, healthcare, and environmental regeneration.


The Himalayan Institute is proud to have officially launched the Help Africa Move Forward™ campaign. We’ve made a commitment to help make a lasting difference by launching the first HI Community Center in Africa.

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Total Health Program

Preventative and curative holistic health solutions tailored for rural needs.

School of Carpentry & Construction

A service and production center that offers vocational training in advanced woodworking techniques.

Public Library and Education

Serving over one hundred people every day, it is the largest public library in the region.

Sacred Link Jewelry

Empowering women by providing technical training, business skills, and market linkage.

Water Projects

We make clean, safe water accessible to villages in the developing world.

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Every membership supports our Humanitarian Projects. Because of the support of its members, the Himalayan Institute is able to provide education, healthcare, environmental support, and other empowering services to rural communities around the globe. Put your spirituality into action and make a lasting social transformation at the grassroots level.

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