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Freedom From Fear & A Closer Look at Africa

In writing for Yoga Plus, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait headlined his commentary of Yoga Sutra 2:9 as Freedom from Fear. In the commentary, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait remarked that our habits, including the mental habit of being fearful, do not pass away easily and that a person living with fear dies many times while still alive. As students and practitioners of yoga and meditation, we strive to break these habits, quiet the mind, cultivate equanimity. Fascination with the news and a high level of interaction with the media pulls the mind outward long after exposure. The current media blitz surrounding ebola has created a frenzied atmosphere, inciting panic and fear, the very conditions that practitioners of yoga and meditation seek to attenuate.


Let’s look at a few basic facts about Africa beyond today’s media hype:

  • Africa is a continent that is larger than the US, all of China, India, Europe (including Eastern Europe), the UK, and Japan all combined.
  • The total population of Africa is over 1.1 billion.
  • Regional travel is very difficult and international travel is out of reach for all but a few.
  • Most countries are still developing and lack the physical and social infrastructures that Westerners take for granted, including access to healthcare.



    Let’s take a look at Cameroon in particular:

    • Cameroon is also a developing country lacking a well-developed physical infrastructure and social services; access to adequate healthcare is difficult to find.
    • Cameroon is blessed with natural resources, natural beauty and a favorable climate.
    • Cameroon is safe—there is no civil war, tribal war or social unrest.
    • There are no ebola cases. In fact, the distance from Cameroon to the nearest area of current transmission is 1,500 miles, approximately the same distance as New York to Havana, or Los Angeles to Mexico City, or Denver to Montreal.


    Now, let’s look at our Humanitarian Projects in Cameroon:


    • We see the people suffer in difficult circumstances. They need help. They need healthcare.
    • The people in the Northwest Region of Cameroon and the surrounding regions respect, value and welcome the Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Programs, therefore, our projects have become highly successful in a short time.
    • We provide healthcare, public health education, vocational training and employment.
    • We lead periodic excursions to show our work in context. In 2015, we will lead another eco-service excursion to show the expansion of the Total Health Program.
    • Participants on the tour will touch the lives of others in a positive way, and be a living part of a lasting solution.


    Join us in Cameroon & strengthen your commitment to yoga in action


    From June 22 through July 3, 2015 Pandit Rajmani Tigunait will lead a small group on an Eco-Service Excursion to Cameroon. This trip is scheduled at a unique stage in the growth of the Total Health Program and blends service, cultural immersion, self-study, and adventure. Pandit Rajmani Tigunait will share key insights on social development and how we can use this Eco-Service experience as a catalyst in our own journey of self-transformation. Pandit Tigunait is the Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute, a prolific author, and the motivating force behind the Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Projects.

    Learn more and register here.