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Total Health Consultants

It’s the clear, simple, affordable things that help you to take control of your health.


(The first group of Total Health Consultants.)

At the Himalayan Institute Cameroon, the Total Health Consultants provide free health consultations that give thousands of people access to basic healthcare, to practical health information, and to affordable remedies and products. Promoting positive health practices and preventive health techniques, the emphasis of the Total Health Program, began with training the Consultants themselves.


(The hands-on training was quite rigorous and detailed, utilizing experiential learning methods.)

It all begins with intense training

Applicants from Bui, Cameroon who were already familiar with the community’s most prevalent health issues (such as digestive tract ailments, joint pain and arthritis, cough and cold, fever, blood sugar problems, anxiety, and depression) were screened and selected for the training. The course content, stemming from the Total Health philosophy, lasted one month and emphasized basic public health education and dispensary services. This month-long training was then followed by a six month hands-on internship.


(Empowering people to make healthy choices for a healthy future.)

Everyone can be healthy!

The core philosophy at the center of this training recognizes that everyone has the ability to take charge of their health and be healthy. Healthy people form a healthy, functional community and all aspects of health are within reach of everyone. This notion is quite revolutionary, even counter-cultural, in places like Cameroon where knowledge about health is so limited and people generally feel disempowered, unaware that they can do anything to relieve their suffering. In fact, many are resigned to living a life with health problems that are easily preventable. Reversing this trend and transforming the health of this society is at the core of the Total Health Revolution!


(Your future health depends on the healthy choices you make today.)

The Total Health Center now provides the Health Consultants with valuable employment, enabling them to play a key role in shaping the health culture in their community. The Total Health Consultants understand the value of health and continue working to provide the tools, resources, and education that foster healthy choices and lead to a healthier lifestyle for the community. They are, in fact, agents of change for their community, making an impact, empowering a culture to choose health and a healthy future for themselves and their families.

We Challenge You To Get Involved!

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