One Book & One Buck Update

As we close in on the last lap of this part of our literacy campaign in Cameroon, we want to share our status and the success of our efforts.


  • Nearly 100 businesses are leading our book collection process.
  • There are book-collection-boxes in 5 states.
  • To date, we have collected 9,000 books. We are 90% to our goal of 10,000 books!
  • So far, we’ve raised $7,000 to ship these books to our library in Cameroon. However, this is only a portion of what is needed to ship. Please donate and help us reach $10,000.

Some of the books will go towards establishing much needed satellite libraries in villages, bringing the opportunity to read closer to more people in the area.

We still need your help to ensure that we reach our goal by the end of this month to cover the cost of shipping, and, with this your support and this much momentum, we are determined to reach this goal!

Your generous donation at this critical time makes a wonderful literary gift and is still tax deductible for 2013.

Can you help us cover the shipping costs for the books?

$50 will ship 50 books to Africa. Let’s Ship Them>>