Class Begins: Total Health Revolution

Monday marked the first day of class for Himalayan Institute Public Health Educators, being trained to lead the Total Health Revolution. The group consists of healthcare professionals who are all committed to strengthening their communities by improving the local health conditions. During this week-long intensive training course which is being held at the Himalayan Institute Cameroon, students will increase their ability to teach grassroots public health and will gain the knowledge needed to create a stronger, healthier, and a more vibrant community environment.

At the end of the week the students will be offered a challenging opportunity, to join the Himalayan Institute Cameroon for 8 weeks, as we visits dozens of villages and teach health classes to 10,000 people. Student will then gain the practical experience needed to effectively teach public health.

To inaugurate this enormous effort a grand launching will be held on Saturday, August 10th with hundreds of people from North West Cameroon in attendance. Those attending will include regional and local dignitaries, traditional kings, chiefs, and community leaders all committed to bettering the health outcomes of people in Cameroon.

Already, a massive public health awareness camping has started in North West Cameroon. Himalayan Institute PSA radio announcements, posters, and public presentations have started blanketing the region with practical health tips and information.