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New Humanitarian Web Features

Over the past several months, the Humanitarian Team has been working hard to improve the Himalayan Institute website and relocate its Humanitarian Blog. They’ve done a great job so far and even more improvements are on the way! Please take a moment and get to know some new Humanitarian features:



Multimedia Section

Now you can easily stay up-to-date with our latest videos, project documentaries, photos and more with our new Multimedia page. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and receive new video notifications directly to your inbox.



Amazon Wish List

We are now using Amazon to make donating fun! You can browse our wish lists to see what kind of materials and supplies our projects are in need of. Then, in you’re feeling generous, select an item or two that you’d like to donate and ship them directly to us.



“You Choose” Donation Page

Donations allow our projects to impact thousands of people every year. Now you can view our latest project appeals all on one page and select the specific project that you would like to donate to. Afterwards, be sure to subscribe to this blog and receive updates about the project you helped make happen.



Humanitarian Articles

Read, study and discover! We have now made it possible for you to experience our projects from the inside out! We have just publicly released articles on the latest developments happening around the world, as well as internal project reports. Now you can get to know us even better.



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