VIDA Dinner: Save the Date


We are so pleased to present a local high school student who has become an activist for VIDA. We would like to introduce you to her and the fundraiser she will host this month.

VIDA still needs your support! Do you have any ideas you can turn into a fundraiser?  We are at the half-way point in meeting our goals. Please contact us to turn your ideas into a fruitful activity –

Meet Liz Lepro:


Honesdale High School senior Liz Lepro is using her graduation project to make a difference in the lives of people two thousand miles away.  On Sunday, April 28th, she’ll be hosting a Mexican-themed dinner fundraiser, “La Cena” from 5-7 pm at the HHS cafeteria. All proceeds of the event will go to the Himalayan Institute, a nonprofit based in Honesdale, especially for their VIDA project in Totonaca, Mexico.

 “The VIDA project combines a lot of my interests,” said Liz.  “I hope to study International Relations in college and to learn to speak Spanish fluently.  After speaking with [Humanitarian Project Manager] Jeff Abella, I can really see myself working for a project like VIDA.”

VIDA is a program that partners trained nutritional counselors with impoverished families in Central Mexico to combat dietary disease and malnutrition with high-yield home gardens.  By overseeing the growth of these gardens, VIDA’s counselors make fresh fruits and vegetables available to at-risk groups like women and children who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

Liz is also drawing on local recipes gathered by volunteers of the VIDA project for a delicious and authentic meal, including an assortment of tacos, tostones, Mexican desserts, and more.

The state of Pennsylvania mandates that all high school seniors complete a culminating project displaying an ability to synthesize information and communicate knowledge. At HHS, the project typically involves an exploration into a career path of interest.  Events like La Cena are optional, but are encouraged for exceptional students.

“I’ve never taken on a project this big before,” Liz admits.  “I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to raise awareness as well as make a donation to this cause.”

To pull it all together, Liz has enlisted the help of the Honesdale Interact club, a group of students affiliated with the Honesdale Rotary who engage in local and international charity projects throughout the school year.

The price of the meal is $10 for adults and $8 for students with tickets available at the door or from members of the Interact Club. We hope to see you there!

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