Meet new sponsors


The VIDA Project would like to introduce you to 2 sponsors who have extended our reach to 20 more families in rural Mexico.


Do you have any creative ideas for raising donations?

We still need your support.

Every donation dollar goes to support The VIDA Project in rural Mexico.

No More Poverty is a non-profit organization, headquartered in California, that seeks to provide relief for the multi-faceted dimensions of poverty at home and abroad. They chose to support The VIDA Project and feature the Himalayan Institute on their website. We are proud to be among the impressive charities that they support and thus to be part of their efforts in alleviating human suffering.

The progressive congregation of the Unitarian Church North in Wisconsin selected The VIDA Project to be the recipient of their Share the Plate collection. One of their members, a student of the Himalayan Institute, was impressed with  the humanitarian work in Mexico and brought this project to their attention. They collectively raised donations and awareness for VIDA for a month!


These innovative fundraising efforts move us closer to our goal of providing 500 families with nutrition counseling, high-yield home gardens, and other means to spiral out of their impoverished conditions. Contact us at if you need help turning your ideas into successful fundraising!

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