World Water Day


Today is World Water Day, a day when we acknowledge the importance of life’s most basic yet most valuable necessity – clean water! It is a great time to take stock of our own water usage patterns and create more efficient habits around using water. Our friends at Water Use It Wisely share some great conservation tips!

The Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Projects in Africa, Mexico and India, dig wells, build spring-feed catchments and install other water harvesting systems to supply water to the communities in which we work.


“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” – Jacques Cousteau

Water Changes Everything


Inspecting a newly completed catchment in Cameroon

“Water management is often a challenge for our projects because of the harsh climatic conditions and poor infrastructure in our service areas.
It takes endurance and holistic solutions to deliver water to these communities, but once you successfully provide clean water… peoples lives truly change on every level!”

Jeff Abella, Humanitarian Projects Manager for the Himalayan Institute.

Water Project Spotlight

Today we’d like to highlight the rain water harvesting system that our team installed in Mexico to support the VIDA Project. It is located at our agricultural training center and makes use of the rain water which falls 9 months our of the year.

Click on the first image to begin the slide show. 


If you and your friends would like to sponsor a water project, let us know and we’ll get to work for you. The Himalayan Institute is a perfect implementation partner. Email us at to get started.

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