Beyond the Kumbha Mela



As yoga gains popularity in the West, Western yogis travel to India to learn more about the origins of these teachings or to participate in festivals like the Kumbha Mela. Khajuraho is an obvious place to visit since it is the home to a unique temple complex, built about 1,000 AD, and recognized as a World Heritage Site. The Indian Government has preserved the temple area (about 20 temples remain) and modern hotels are nearby to accommodate tourists and visitors.


The temple complex holds a special significance for HI students and readers of At the Eleventh Hour – as Pandit Rajmani Tigunait describes, this is the location of the Temple of the 64 Yoginis where Swami Rama (founder of the Himalayan Institute) had a glimpse of the Divine Mother.

The 25-acre HI Khajuraho Campus is located outside the town of Khajuraho, nestled between the foothills of the Vindhya Mountains and a national forest. It offers a very quiet, restful, retreat-like environment, ideal for practice and spiritual study. As millions continue to gather on the banks of the Ganges near Allahabad, our guests and pilgrims move on to this new campus, home to an exquisite shrine which we can introduce to you in this video.

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