The New Year Begins…


…and we’d like to share our goals for 2013 with you Image

Promote organic home gardening

To continue our work in Mexico with VIDA, as a way to promote self-sufficiency and better health,  strengthening the capacity of our trainers and families in gardening, both for their own nutritional benefit and for the financial rewards of selling surplus produce in an organic market. We continue to recruit sponsors and raise donations to make this happen on the envisioned scale. Your continued support, sharing our updates and blog posts, “Likes” on Facebook all help us to share the progress and expand our work.


Expand our teachings

The inauguration of a new campus in Khajuraho, India will take place in time to receive the visitors (pilgrims, actually) that will join us for the Kumba Mela. The Kumba Mela is the largest spiritual gathering on the planet, celebrated every 12 years. This year, tens of millions of people will gather at the bank of the Ghanges river near Allahabad at a time when the planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies are perfectly aligned, creating a powerful vortex of spiritual energy. The Kumbha Mela is so ancient that it is hard to determine when and how it first began. This year, our guests will stay at the campus in Allahabad and then journey on to be the first ones to visit the newest addition to our Himalayan Institute in Khajuraho.


Extend our reach and services in Africa

And of course, 2013 brings many opportunities for us to maintain and build on our work in rural Cameroon: the Public Library, vocational training (carpenters and electricians) micro-enterprise, and health care services.


Stay tuned to see how our work grows and expands as we do our part to make a positive difference in a fast-changing world!

thumbnail-1Your donations help us to help others in our diverse Humanitarian Projects.

A $50 contribution supports one family for a year in the VIDA Project in Mexico.

(All donations are tax deductible.)

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